Burglary suspects found by GPS ankle monitors

REDDING, Calif. - Two men were arrested Saturday morning for breaking into a Redding home and stealing items.

Redding police said a neighbor took pictures of the alleged crooks driving on Jewell Road around 10:45 a.m.

Police were able to identify 30-year-old Jacob Short and 34-year-old Joseph Messian. They found out both of these men had GPS ankle monitors on and were being supervised by Shasta County Probation.

The pictures helped lead officers to find the two men in a car on Cameo Court.

Officers surrounded the car and arrested them.

Redding police said without those pictures the chances of finding them are slim.

"Without that we would have very little information to go on," said Lieutenant Pete Brinley with the Redding Police Department. "With those photographs and specifically a license plate it gave us at least a starting point so we can begin our investigation."

Brinley said most of the property has been returned.

Short and Messina were charged with first degree residential burglary.

Both are being held without bail at the Shasta County Jail.

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