Businesses help evacuees affected by home with explosives

Businesses help evacuees affected by home with explosives

REDDING, Calif. - Shasta County businesses have stepped up to help the evacuees who live near the Chaparral Drive home with more than 60 pounds of explosives.

Tuesday will be Day 12 since residents were asked to leave. On Sunday the home was burned down, but now residents want to know when they can return home. The area is still considered an active crime scene.

The American Red Cross relies 100 percent on donations. They approached seven Redding businesses in the area including Costco, Subway, McDonald's, Olive Garden, Round Table Pizza, Famous Dave's and Cicada Cantina.

We caught up with the general manager of the Cicada Cantina, Troy Paine, who said one philosophy of their restaurant is paying it forward. They donated 15 meals to help out the evacuees.

"We have an obligation to extend ourselves out to the community, because after all we are in the people business," said Paine.

Paine grew up in the restaurant business; he has more than 30 years of experience under his belt. He understands it's a restaurant's responsibility to give back. When the American Red Cross asked for help with meals, their whole team jumped into action.

"You see someone's in need it's about having that flexible responsibility to help out when you possibly can instead of turning the other cheek and saying that doesn't affect me because in the end it will," said Paine.

Eric Kiltz with the American Red Cross said the generosity of the businesses is exactly what they need.

"Most restaurants would get very enthusiastic, they want to help us they understand the need, we're local in the community. The restaurants are local in the community so we are all part of this community together," said Kiltz.

Paine wants people to take note of the giving community members.

"When things are down and the chips are up we would like to step up and do our part," said Paine.

Shasta county Sheriff Tom Bosenko has not given a time estimate as to when people will be allowed to return home. If you would like to support the American Red Cross, you can visit their website:

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