Cal State Trustees Approve Tuition Hikes

CHICO, Calif. - The California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees voted today to raise tuition if the governor's tax proposal does not pass.

The Board approved to raise tuition by 5% next year if Proposition 30 fails on the November ballot.  Undergraduate students would have to pay another $150 a semester and it would trigger a $250 million mid-year cut for the CSU system.

Trustees feel it's a smart decision to have a Plan B just in case this tax proposal does not pass.  Prop. 30 would temporarily bump up the sales and income tax to avoid any more cuts in California schools. 

If it fails, the state faces up to $6 billion in cuts.   Chico State's share would be about $10 million.  For out-of-states students the cost would raise about $27 per unit.

"I work two jobs to pay my bill," says Chico State senior, Alley Lovern.  "I don't need to go get a third job with school and top of those plus extracurricular activities."

Cal State says the tuition hike would generate $58 million.

On the other side, if Prop 30 does pass, Chico State would actually see a $5 million increase for its budget and would end up refunding some tuition.

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