California Tornado Safety Tips

The Oklahoma tornadoes have no doubt led to fear of the natural disasters. The good news is that tornadoes in California are rare.

In the past 62 years, the Northstate has seen 400 tornadoes or an average of six per year.  If that sounds like a lot, Oklahoma has seen 3,472, or an average of 57 per year.

Most of the California tornadoes have occurred in southern California in the Los Angeles area and the San Joaquin Valley.

California has also seen a few EF-3 tornadoes. But those happened in San Bernardino County by the California-Arizona border.

The vast majority of NorthState tornadoes are EF-0 and EF-1 tornadoes.  Those usually don't last too long – lasting less than a mile – and generally won't do much major damage if they hit a structure.

But if you don't plan to stay in California your whole life, it is good to know what to do if you do get caught in a tornado.

The best place to go in a tornado is in a basement or storm cellar. But if those are not available (and they usually are not in California), get to a room or closet in the middle of your house as far away from any exterior doors and windows.

Bathrooms usually work the best, but don't take cover there if they have large windows or are near the outside of the building.

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