Cameras making a difference at Red Bluff City Park

RED BLUFF, Calif. - The Red Bluff Police Department is taking matters into their own hands. Last October the Red Bluff City Council approved a $21,589 dollar grant that would allow them to build a virtual fence around the city pool and playground. A year later that virtual fence became a reality.

The Red Bluff Police Department is now able to keep an eye on the city park, a location they say gets vandalized and targeted a lot.

"Cameras to watch the park 24/7 whether its night time or day time," said Sergeant Matt Hansen.

Since last Tuesday, the Red Bluff Police Department have been able to contact a man that was soliciting sex, recover video evidence of a hit and run resulting in damage to city property and stopped a fight.

"While I was able to watch it from my desk, I was able to guide officers in to the fight in progress," said Sgt. Hansen.

The cameras are able to zoom in and out and are able to scan different areas every ten seconds.

"Identify the people involved and the officers were able to make an arrest based upon the technology that we have now," said Sgt. Hansen. "To level of security for the people that are in the park because if something were to occur, vehicle burglary, crime in progress, we can access those computers."

The Red Bluff Police Department hopes to move forward with similar technology at other problem areas within the city in the future.

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