Camp HOPE offers children a refuge from abuse

Camp HOPE offers children a refuge from abuse

ETNA, Calif. - The Shasta Women's Refuge and Family Justice Center is sponsoring campers who are looking for fun, despite tough circumstances at home using its summer camp, Camp HOPE, in Siskiyou County.

Roughly 100 campers and numerous staff have flocked to the Kidder Creek Ranch Camp site and as the camp starts its second year, organizers say the program is changing the lives of children exposed to family violence.

This year's camp theme is "Believe in Yourself, Believe in Each Other and Believe in Your Dreams." In accordance with the theme, camp leaders reach out to the youth and try to show them abuse is not their fault.

"We feel like we're ready for any situation, but we also did a lot of training in preparation for Camp HOPE," said Director Michael Burke.

Organizers say they work hard to be ready for many different situations their campers might be in.

"Many of them have been exposed to family violence in some way, shape or form," said Burke. "But here they are out in nature being able to just be kids."

Camp HOPE is looking for your help as well.

Staff members say they are in need of items for the campers, including sleeping bags, hats, shoes, and swimsuits.

For more on how to get involved – visit this link on our website.

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