Caper Acres gets reprieve thanks to continued donation by Chico company

CHICO, Calif. - Caper Acres playground at Bidwell Park will remain open six days a week through November 1.  

Budget cuts and limited maintenance crews had forced the city of Chico to reduce the playground hours to three days a week in July.  

After a public outcry over the reduced hours at the popular park, ServPro stepped in an volunteered crews to clean and maintain the playground through October 1.  

Then Thursday, the city announced ServPro is extending its volunteer cleaning services another month through November 1.  
The city said ServPro's donation will allow the playground to remain open six days a week through the end of October.

Public Works Director Ruben Martinez said the collaboration with ServPro has proven to be a creative public-private partnership.  

"ServPro's generosity has meant that Park staff can focus on other areas of the Park, such as fixing irrigation and infrastructure issues, vegetation management and tree pruning," said Martinez.  "as we proceed, we will be looking into more of these types of solutions and we are thankful that ServPro is extending their time through October to November 1st.  This gives up more time to explore other solutions."

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