Car crashes into church

OROVILLEI, Calif. - Oroville police are investigating an accident involving an SUV that crashed into the Church of Christ Friday morning.

Police are not releasing any details, but witnesses say the crash made a very loud boom.

The SUV crashed into a brick wall in front of the church on the corner of Pine Street and Osage Avenue around 1:30 a.m.

Neighbors said the crash woke up the entire neighborhood.

"Well I wasn't in bed yet but I just laid down," said James Curtis. "I had my window closed and I heard the wheels screeching through a close window."

Curtis said the police told him last night that no one was hurt.

We reached out to the Church of Christ to see if this will affect services this Sunday but they did not return our calls.

Oroville police said the investigating officer will not have the report ready for two weeks.

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