Cat rescue sheds light on animal dumping

Butte Co. cat shows face of animal dumping

CHICO, Calif. - A Butte County cat that somehow only suffered minor injuries after being thrown on the side of the a roadway has become a surviving example of the inhumane practice of animal dumping.

The cat named Hope was found by a woman along a roadway, near where two of her siblings died inside the trash bag in which she was apparently thrown from a car.

Chico Cat Coalition President Alicia Parsons answered when the woman came calling.

"She was pretty upset. She was like, 'I don't understand how someone can just take kittens and put them in a garbage bag and toss them on the side of the road,'" Parsons said.

Parsons is now fostering Hope until she can recover from her minor injuries, receive shots and be spayed before being adopted out.

She said Hope's saga has shed a light on what is a common practice.

"Apparently this happens a lot," Parsons said. "This is my first experience, I've been doing the rescue here for two years, but as soon as I started talking about her story more people were saying this happens and people don't talk about it. It's this hush-hush."

Parsons said there are many other options to dumping cats, or any animal for that matter.

"Try to place them, people are always looking for kittens. Facebook works; Craigslist. And then (animal) rescues I'd say are the next thing. The reason why I say rescues are secondary is because all of us have waiting lists."

The Chico Cat Coalition, like many other shelters, is filled to the brim with cats, evidence of a serious population control problem.

"Spaying and neutering is huge. It really cuts down on the number of kitten that are out there and there are a ton of kittens."

So many kittens that some people resort to dumping them in the wild and along roadways.

A fate that Parsons says no animal should suffer.

"Throwing kittens out of a car in a plastic bag or dumping them in a plastic bag or drowning, it's absolutely absurd. That is not a solution."

The Chico Cat Coalition is an all non-profit organization that relies heavily on volunteers in the shelter or as foster homes.

To learn how to adopt a cat, help the CCC or simply donate to them directly, information is available on their Facebook page or website.

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