Celebrating Redding's River Trail

REDDING, Calif. - Saturday couldn't have been a nicer day to walk on Redding's Sacramento River Trail.

It's something Friends of the Redding Trails would like to see more people doing.

They joined with other local groups on the Diestelhorst Bridge to "Celebrate the River Trail."

The event was designed to ease fears some people may have after October's attacks on the trail and get out and use one of Redding's biggest assets.

"The more people we have on the trail that are informed and are aware, the safer our trails are going to be," said Linda Masterson, of Friends of the Redding Trails. "That's why we're really encouraging people to get out on the trails. It's not a take back the trail, because we haven't lost it. We own this trail."

Masterson said a similar event could be scheduled for sometime this spring.

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