Chaparral Dr. resident reflects on incinerated home

Chaparral Drive resident says parents once owned incinerated home

REDDING, Calif. - Watching the home on Chaparral Drive get incinerated by authorities on Sunday was especially tough for Steve Dobson.

The construction company owner doesn't just live down the street, but his parents used to own the home that was destroyed.

Dobson's parents moved to Shasta County in 1979 from Ventura County. They owned the home until 1989 when they sold it to D Ray East.

East blew his left hand off almost two weeks ago while reportedly working with explosive materials. The Shasta County Sheriff's Office gave the go ahead to incinerate the home after finding 60 pounds of explosives and an Improvised Explosive Device inside.

Dobson said he was upset with the way East was treating the property, even before the explosion.

"I told my sister, she lives in Ashland, [Oregon] You should see the car port, it's fallen apart," said Hobson."

Residents within a 2000 foot radius of East's home were ordered to evacuate. The order was lifted late Tuesday afternoon.

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