Chase Through South Campus Ends in Arrest of Car Theft Suspect

Orland Man Arrested In Chico After He Was Found With A Stolen Car

CHICO, Calif. - Chico Police chased down a car theft suspect Friday morning, after an alert officer spotted something that didn't look quite right.

Chico Police said an officer saw 23 year-old Grayson Smith of Orland who appeared to be wiping down a car Friday morning around 8 a.m. in the South Campus area.

The officer ran the plates on the Toyota Camry and discovered it had been reported stolen from Orland.

When the officer tried to contact Smith, he ran off down Salem Street, and then down W. 4th Street.   Chico Police set up a perimeter.  They located Smith hiding under an SUV that was parked in a driveway at 330 W. 4th Street.  The vehicle belonged to a Chico State student.

KRCR News Channel 7 was on the scene as police took him into custody. 

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