"Chico Budget 101:" Dozens pack meeting explaining Chico's dire budget situation

CHICO, Calif. - One day after the news that 53 positions with the city of Chico will be eliminated, the Chamber of Commerce put on a special seminar at city hall.

"Chico Budget 101" showed in detail, how the city spent 20 million dollars more than it took in over the previous five years.

City Manager Brian Nakamura and other staff gave a power-point presentation that showed exactly how dire the city's finances are, and why cuts, including those in the police and fire departments, are necessary for Chico to become financially solvent.  The city is trying to make up a $4.8 million dollar shortfall in this year's budget.

"It was a great opportunity for us to share details that some them didn't know about," said Nakamura.  "And I think it was a very positive opportunity for both the City and the community, and we need to do this more."

About 80 Chico residents attended.

Almost all of those who spoke to KRCR News Channel 7 strongly support the city manager's cost-cutting plan, including Nancy Wolfe. 

"I think we learned more in that hour than we've been told before. I feel like the City is going in the right direction," said Wolfe.

The ultimate decisions on what will be cut will rest in the hands of the seven Chico City Council members, who will meet later this month.

Nakamura said he hopes these rounds of cuts will solve the problem, but warns another round of cuts may be needed down the road.

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