Chico budget cuts will impact Bidwell Park access

The City of Chico Parks Department is dealing with a $500,000 cut by laying off seven employees and that will have an affect on access to Bidwell Park.

Starting next Monday all gates into Bidwell Park will be closed to vehicles Mondays through Thursdays except the 4th Street gate into One Mile Recreation Area and the Wildwood Avenue gate into Upper Park.

Reservations at major group picnic areas will also no longer be allowed those days.

And other places affected by the closures are Caper Acres Playground and the bathrooms on the north side of Sycamore Pool and at Cedar Grove.

Chicoan Robert Boos, who was out at Caper Acres Tuesday night, was disappointed to hear the news.

"This park is used every day by kids--lots of kids," Boos says, "kids who don't have the money to go do things and this is the place they go to have fun during the summer. With it closed, they're not really going to have any place to go."

All gates and restrooms will remain open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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