Chico food trucks draw hundreds to Elks Lodge

CHICO, Calif. - Butte County foodies were out in force at the Elks lodge  Wednesday night snatching up fare from some 17 Chico area food trucks in the first ever "Fork in the Road."

There was everything from Caribbean food, to gourmet grilled cheese, to wholesome locally based fare and even cupcakes for dessert.

John Geiger—known to many in Chico as "Crazy Dog" because of his hotdog stand—spearheaded the Facebook campaign that drew so many people.

He says that when you do something like this online, it can be hard to gauge how many people will show up.

"They click on that they're going to come and attend and you never know if they are or not," says Geiger.

But hundreds upon hundreds did show up Wednesday night.

Brian Oldfield of Paradise had been counting down to this day.

"We've been planning it for weeks," Oldfield says. "We're totally into the food truck thing but it's been hard to hit it up, so it's so nice that it's all right here. So we're going to go crazy."

And that he did.

"I'm going to go to the Filipino place and gets some spicy chicken and pancit; my wife's going to get something from Ike's (Smoke House); and my friend's going to get something from Mayhem (Gourmet Grilled Cheese); and our sister in law's going to get a vegetarian thing from the place that has the Caribbean food."

And Oldfield says Chico has the culture to make something like this a success.

"I think Chico is the perfect place for it," he says. "We have a perfect mix. You can get really awesome ingredients and there are a lot of people with educated palates here. So, I think it's great."

And organizer John Geiger and the various food trucks that ended up selling out got that message loud and clear.

"We're certainly going to do it again," Geiger says, "probably within the next month."

For a link to the "Fork in the Road" Facebook page, click here.

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