Chico janitor is nominated for national honor

Chico janitor is nominated for national honor

CHICO, Calif - A Chico custodian has been nominated for a national honor; Janitor of the Year.
Stewart Langford was nominated by Chico Country Day School last June and is competing with nine other janitors across the country for a grand prize of $5,000.

"I come in and do my job everyday and trying to be diligent about making the campus nice for the kids," said Langford.
Langford has been cleaning up Chico Country Day School for the past two years, and within that time he's made quite a reputation from himself amongst the students.
"You wonder why they come to me instead of a teacher but they come running up and tell me what happened," said Langford.
Langford's co-workers thought he should be nationally recognized by being named Janitor of the Year for his work.
"I thought it would be a great opportunity for Stewart," said Margaret Reece, who nominated Langford.  "He is janitor of the year at Chico Country Day."

There was a big problem on the campus, during the overnight hours people were leaving trash, drug paraphernalia, and human waste where students were expected to come to school in the morning.
"Well last Friday I had to get out there with a paint brush and paint up the vulgarity that was on the wall," said Langford.

Langford said he would get there around 6 a.m. and find homeless people sleeping on school grounds. But he had an idea. Ask the school to build a fence and lock up the campus.   
"Last thing you want is for them to come to a school that's got those kinds of things all over the place," said Langford.
Langford says he does it for the kids, and he explained hard work will get you everywhere.
"I've always made a point of selling myself.  I think you don't necessarily have to be the most educated person, but you can sell yourself. You can take on any job you want," said Langford.

If Langford wins Janitor of the Year, the school will get $2,500 and he'll get $2,500 for himself.
Langford said he plans to divide the money three ways with the school's other janitors.  

You can vote for Langford, but voting ends on Monday.

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