Chico man breaks hand trying to stop carjacker

Chico man breaks hand trying to stop carjacker

CHICO, Calif. - Chico Police are looking for a car thief who got away in a stolen car, despite the owner's best efforts to stop him.

Ron Lafever, says around 6:50 Saturday night he stopped at the corner of Humboldt Avenue and Flume Streets to load burn materials into his truck.

"I had my eye on it, actually, for the whole time," Lafever says. "Yeah, I just didn't see him jump in. I could just see the back of my truck, I just couldn't see the front from where we were."

Lafever, who lives on Humboldt a few blocks away from where the incident happened, told police he heard the engine of his car start and saw a man driving away in his vehicle. 

"I chased him, opened up the door and grabbed a hold of him and he was spinning the tires," he says. "And by the time he dragged me half the way down the street here I rolled off and broke my hand somehow."

Although he broke his hand in multiple places, Lafever says he scared the carjacker who ditched the vehicle a short time later on Natoma Court, not far away.

He also says a defect in his driver's side door that he has refused to fix coincidentally helped him grab the suspect.

"Yeah people have asked me, they've said, 'You should fix your door. I'll fix it for you.' I'm like, 'You know, I kind of like it that way because if somebody goes to steal my truck, they won't get very far.' And that's pretty much what happened."

The suspect has yet to be found.  He's described as a Hispanic man, 20-30 years old, wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt.  Anyone with information is asked to call Chico Police at (530) 897-4900.

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