Chico men team up on national television show

CHICO, Calif. - Two childhood friends from Chico, are putting their friendship to the test.  They are contestants in the upcoming season of The Amazing Race.     Brandon Squyres and Adam Switzer, both 34, describe themselves as childhood friends and beard lovers.
Squyers (on the left) works as a contractor installing fire sprinkler systems.

Switzer (on the right) works as a forest service seasonal firefighter, and lives on an eco-friendly 22-acre farm in Montgomery Creek.

The show starts in September on CBS.   The show is pre-taped.  Only the contestants know the results until the show airs.   Due to confidentiality agreements, the contestants are sworn to secrecy. 

The contestants travel around the world completing challenges over the course of several weeks.

Squyers said the thing that scares him most about all that travel is the possiblity of abductions.  The first place team wins $1 million dollars.

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