Chico officers attacked while clearing huge party

Chico officers attacked while clearing huge party

CHICO, Calif. - Chico police officers say they were attacked Friday night after a crowd cleared from a party became unruly and threw bottles and cans at officers.

Officers were called to a party on the 600 block of Ivy Street with hundreds of people in attendance.

When they arrived, the streets started to fill with party goers and other people, who started throwing cans and bottles at the officers, at which point police declared it a Disorderly Event and determined to break the crowd up.

Police left and regrouped, returning with helmets on to a crowd that now filled the northbound lane of Ivy Street.

At that point, Chico Police says, they were again assaulted by cans and bottle.

A fight amongst the crowd ensued, during which an individual fell to the ground and reportedly was continued to be beaten. That's when police say they "aggressively moved the crowd from the victim."

The crowd stayed in the area for some time and just before police were about to declare an "unlawful assembly" the crowd broke up.

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