Chico Palio kicked off 'Artoberfest' on Saturday

CHICO, Calif. - Friends of the arts held their annual Chico Palio event Saturday afternoon in Bidwell's One Mile Recreation Area, kicking off this month's "Artoberfest."

Handmade crafts were showcased along with a lot of local arts and community programs.

There was also facepainting and arts activities for the kids, as well as a makeshift mural wall for adults and artists alike.

"Artoberfest" is a month-long marketing event that brings local artists together.

"'It allows all the different arts, artists, art organizations and businesses to come together to show Chico what they do and how they contribute to this community," says Angela Cook with the Chico Arts Commission. "To the well-being of the community, to the well-being of the residents of the community and how art is an economic drive in the community also."

Many local groups held on-stage performances, including Chico's Inspire School of the Arts, the Chico Community Ballet, the Chico Theatre Company and others.

As always, the day ended with a man-powered "horse race" featuring creatively made horse sculptures of all shapes, sizes and designs.

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