Chico PD wants online crime reporting, lieutenant position

CHICO, Calif. - With fewer officers and an increase in the volume of calls, the Chico Police Department is asking the Chico City Council to approve the purchase of an online crime reporting system.

The system allows citizens to report minor crimes by filing a report online instead of going through a dispatcher or an officer.

The service is provided by the company Coplogic and is used in about a hundred agencies in California ranging from San Diego all the way to Yreka.

In fact, the Redding Police Department already uses it.

Chico police captain Lori MacPhail says the department already has trouble responding to and filing the volume of reports they receive, and the system would be a big help.

"Rather than the citizen being frustrated, unable to complete a report, we'll now be able to give them the information (and) they'll be able to go online and do it quickly," says Captain MacPhail. "That's how they bank, that's how they shop and this is just in line with that. It will be something that will be easy, user friendly, and we think it will be very much a customer satisfaction tool."

Services through coplogic would cost about $19,000 dollars to purchase.

It also has an annual cost of about $7,000 but is projected to save from $75,000 to $100,000 a year.

Chico police are also asking to convert a sergeant position into a lieutenant.

They say one of their sergeants is basically already playing the roll of lieutenant and a change in his title would cost the city less money because he'd be exempt from costly overtime.

Having a sergeant act as a lieutenant also presents some chain-of-command issues they would like to avoid.

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