Chico State: Controller's office failed to print W-2s

CHICO, Calif. - Chico State officials say employees need not worry about identify theft related to missing W-2s -- they've been informed the State Controller's Office never printed them.

Many employees' W-2 forms were reported missing this week. It's been almost three weeks since the W-2's were supposed to be sent out by the state. 

Chico State said the State Controller's Office contacted them Thursday afternoon to inform them of what happened. 

"People are glad to know those W-2s are not out there somewhere lost or even stolen," said Chico State Public Affairs Director Joe Wills.

If they want - employees can request an unofficial or duplicate copy of their W-2 to file their taxes.

But, the State Controller's Office said they mailed out the official W-2s Thursday, and they are expected to arrive no later than Saturday.

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