Chico State Students Hold Rally In Favor Of Prop 30

CHICO, Calif. - A group of students held a rally at Chico State today reminding their fellow peers of how important they believe the governor's tax proposal is to their education.

This group of students made posters Friday morning trying to remind everyone at Chico State of the impact of Proposition 30 would have on their education--and their wallets.

The rally was referred to as a "Text Flash Meeting."  Students texted their parents Friday morning asking them to vote 'Yes' on Proposition 30 in November.  

The proposition would bump up the sales and income tax temporarily to get the budget back on track. However, if the proposition fails, California State University students will have to pay an extra $150 per semester in January.

"I would have to take more loans which would not be good in the long run.  It might be harder for me to go further in my education," said Chico State freshmen Allie McDaniel.

If Proposition 30 does pass, Chico State will actually see a $5 million increase in its budget, and will even refund some tuition.

For students who pay tuition without financial aid or grants, the state is considering  sending them a $249 check or giving them credit toward future classes. The Cal State system has yet to work out all of the details.

If the proposition fails, the state faces up to $6 billion in cuts. Chico State's share would be about $10 million. 

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