Chico State University President Looking Into Adding New Student Fee

CHICO, Calif. - Students at Chico State University could soon be facing a new fee.

Paul Zingg, the university's president, is exploring the idea of adding a new initiative they are calling "Chico Compact for Student Success." Part of that initiative, would be adding a new student fee.

Joe Wills, the Director of Public Affairs, said a dollar amount has not yet been set for the fee, but that their goal is to keep Chico State around the cost it is now.

When asked about the fee in relation to Proposition 30, Wills said regardless of whether or not it's passed, President Zingg is concerned about the future funding of the University. He said the university would not get any direct funds from Proposition 30 and that it is only a temporary fix for a larger problem.

Wills said they plan on keeping the entire campus community involved in whether or not the add the fee. If they do decide to add it, it will then need approval from the CSU Chancellor. 

If he does approve it, Wills said they plan on setting up a student committee in order to keep the students involved in deciding how the money will be spent.

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