Christmas is gone but shoppers still going strong

REDDING, Calif. - Christmas may be over but the shopping is not. After-Christmas sales had many spending money and gift cards on Thursday.

Retailers had markdowns ranging from 40 to 75 percent.

Many stood in line at the Mt. Shasta Mall and at Target, waiting to get some really good deals.

Brent Radich, a local shopper, said he was excited to use his gift cards and also make some exchanges.

"My grandma got me a pair of socks and I wanted to return them and then I had money so I came and bought myself a shirt," said Radich.

Local shopper, Alyssa Stauffer also took atvantage of the deals.

"We went to Bath and Body Works, I've never seen the sales so low we got some nice lotions," said Stauffer.

Laura Morrow,Target retail workers said people were lining up since the morning.

"It's been insane since the minute our doors opened at 7 a.m. its been very busy," said Morrow.

Morrow said one of their top items was plastic storage bins, which many use to put away their Christmas decorations.

"People are coming in, we can't even keep them full right now," said Morrow.

Mt.Shasta Mall was also packed, different stores offering amazing deals and steals.

"A lot of people coming in today returning stuff and getting better prices," said Radich.

For those of you who do have some returns to make, keep in mind that each store has different return policies.

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