City: Keep your dog on a leash or you will be fined

REDDING, Calif. - The City of Redding wants to remind you there are certain places were a leash on your dog is required. There is also places where your pooch isn't allowed.

Redding Animal Regulation wants to remind pet owners that they will be watching closely and if rules aren't followed, they will be fined.

If you want to have your dog run around, the Benton dog park might be your best bet.

Since dogs are not allowed in other parks including Caldwell, lake Redding and Enterprise. Those restrictions also apply to most area school grounds and playgrounds.

Officers will also be enforcing the leash law at Clover Creek Preserve since they don't want K-9's running around freely.

"Your animal might be great, your animal may never run away from you but you never know what the animals out there are gonna be doing," said Mark Storrey, Haven Humane's CEO. "You don't necessarily know how other people are gonna react to the animals or how the animals are gonna react to something else."

Dogs are free to run off-leash at the Benton dog park, at the Turtle Bay East open space off north Bechelli, and at the Henderson open space behind Raleys off Hartnell.

Fines for violations can vary from $50 to $100.

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