City of Redding is taking paint off your hands

REDDING. Calif. - The City of Redding wants you to know they'll take your paint. In the past residents had a limit of five gallons at a time and businesses weren't able to drop off any leftover paint.

But the change is coming due to a new partnership between the City of Redding's transfer station and PaintCare. To celebrate the city is holding a special event to help clean out your old paint.

Through March 8, you can drop off those gallons of paint at the Big League Dreams parking lot. After March 8, they will be taking those gallons of paint at City of Redding's transfer station, something t they weren't able to do before.

"So if you bought a piece of property and maybe you found a shed out in back and it was full of paint you'd have to make many, many trips to be able to get rid of all that paint," said Christina Piles, City of Redding's public works supervisor. "And now you can bring everything at one time and there's no charge for residents or business to do that."

If you have more than 20 gallons, call before hand to make an appointment. Hours they accept paint are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

For more information call 530-224-6201.

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