City of Redding: We are helping evacuees

City of Redding: We are helping evacuees

REDDING, Calif. - We spoke with the City of Redding today about the water main break last month on Magnolia Street. Water damaged several surrounding apartments.

Yesterday some of the people who live in them told us the city wasn't helping them enough. Today we spoke with Redding's Risk Manager, Chris Carmona who said it's not true.

Carmona said those who were evacuated received a letter letting them know what was going on. Carmona said he also spoke with the tenants himself and was very clear about what help is available to them.

The reason tenants can't go back to their apartments is because of dry rot that was found in the bathroom.

Carmona said people that lived there received a letter which clearly states that they must seek a new permanent residence by March 21.The letter also stated that they must pay their rent since the city can't afford to pay for their hotel rooms along with their rent.

But those impacted do have options; the city hired a social worker who is available to help the evacuees. Evacuees will also receive their deposits back and those without transportation received Redding Area Bus Authority cards. Carmona said that they will be paying their first months rent as well.

"100 percent of their deposit of Magnolia Terrace Apartments is being refunded," said Carmona. "They're gonna get that money back, the city's agreed to pay for the first month's rent, we will work with them, that money will be available to them."

The city has removed peoples belongings and stored them. Damaged belongings will be looked at and tenants will receive actual cash value for their damaged items.

"It's just a matter of them doing the work to find a new apartment, a new location," added Carmona.

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