Classic 70's Chevelle Stolen in Redding

REDDING,Calif - It was a rough start of the New Year for Roger Casey when his classic 70's Chevelle SS 396 car was stolen from his mother's garage.

Casey is a real estate agent, and he's in the process of selling his mother's house. In the meantime he's been using that garage to store his car.

He has had a couple of open houses and estate sales in the house. And Roger Casey said that that is the only way that people would have known that the car was stored there.

Casey did not know the car was missing until his brother-in-law gave him a call, letting him know that the gardener had noticed the fence to the backyard was open and the car was missing from the garage.

"He asked if I was driving the car," said Casey. "I said no I'm not driving the car. I came over and that's when I discovered it was gone."

The thieves left with the car and had even come prepared. They left a battery behind, presumably they had brought it in the event that the car wouldn't start.

Casey says some neighbors heard the car, but thought it was him. Roger contacted police. The California Highway Patrol is now investigating the theft.

CHP said it received a tip that Tower Mart off of 273 in Anderson saw someone with a similar car on December 31. The store has surveillance video of the persons of interest.

If anyone has any information they should contact investigator Steve Rauch at (530)225-2715.

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