Clover fire victim recovers stolen backhoe

A man who was the victim of the Clover Fire had his backhoe stolen and wants others to be aware of thieves prowling the burn area.

Randy Bost lost his home on Cloverdale Road shortly after the deadly Clover Fire broke out.

Bost said last week on Friday he borrowed a friend's backhoe to help clear what was left of his destroyed home. He left the backhoe, valued between $20,000 and $25,000 on his property and when he returned on Saturday, he said the piece of equipment was gone.

"I felt sick," said Bost, about when he made the discovery. He filed a report with the Sheriff's Department and then waited.

He didn't have to wait long. On Sunday, the backhoe was discovered on Peterpan Gulch Road in Anderson, about 10 minutes away from Bost's house.

On Monday, he said he was relieved.

"It feels pretty good," Bost said, "I could sleep last night. I had a hard time sleeping the night before because you know I feel like I owe my friend the cost of his backhoe."

Bost said the backhoe seems to be in good condition. There was no damage, but the fuel cap is missing.

He said the thieves also tried to take his truck, but the batteries were dead.

Bost said he wants others to be careful about leaving their belongings out if they live in the fire zone. He said he will no longer leave his tools unattended.

After the incident, Bost said that there are always going to be some bad people in the bunch he added that the list of those who have helped him since the fire continues to grow.

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