Clover fire victims find 'a sense of peace' in recent arrest

IGO, Calif. - The Clover Fire Disaster Relief Committee along with other local businesses and organizations raised money to help those families that lost everything during the Clover Fire.

Many of those families received checks today to help them through the holidays.

Fire victims lined up at the Igo-Ono Community Church to pick up the checks that will make a big difference for them this holiday season.

Griselda Likens, lost her home during the fire in September. Likens said she remembers that day like it was yesterday.

"We've seen the smoke, we called 911 they said we didn't have to evacuate we called them twice actually," said Likens.

Likens said the fire moved so fast that there was a point were she thought her and her family weren't going to make it.

"I thought that we were going to die cause it was just really terrible," said Likens. "I didn't think I'd be able to drive through fire with my grandkids."

Griselda lost her home and said if it wasn't for the community coming together and helping victims like herself, she wouldn't be able to be where she is today.

"We had money saved up for Christmas in a safe and it didn't make it," said Likens.

The Disaster Relief Committee distributed 37checks to a total of 212 people. The money was raised from fundraisers held by local businesses.

"I can't tell you how impactful it is to help these people have a better Christmas and have a better life," said DeWayne Henson, a resident advocate for the committee.

Likens said the news of an arrest for suspect Zane Petterson brought her peace.

"I think he's going to learn the hard way, I don't think he'll be out there burning people down anymore," said Likens.

"It's not a vengeful thing, what it is, is a calming feeling that we don't have to be on our toes, thinking that this individual is still out there doing all these horrible things." said Henson.

CALFIRE provided the church with a list of victims that could use the help. The church handed out checks untill six p.m.

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