College professor swims 1,000th mile

College professor swims 1,000th mile

REDDING, Calif. - A Redding college professor met a major milestone Friday; swimming his 1,000th mile.

Dr. Dave Wilcox walked away from the Redding YMCA pool after accomplishing the feat Friday.

He had been swimming one mile a day for five or six days a week unless he was traveling.

"The journey is really part of the fun for me," Wilcox said. "But this destination definitely is fun."

Wilcox, a Shasta Bible College Professor, became friends with longtime lifeguard Steve Cobb during his journey.

"He's definitely been an inspiration to me," said Cobb. "There's the fair weather swimmer that only comes out on the times of good sun days, and to see him come out regardless, you never want to complain about your day."

Dr. Wilcox, who will turn 74 this summer, started lap swimming at about age 40.

He said he's not shooting for another thousand miles, he will keep swimming.

"I just love being in the water," Dr. Wilcox said. "It's the most relaxed I am anytime, anyplace. I use it for spiritual strength as well as physical strength."

Wilcox also said he keeps track of his laps by praying.

He plans on moving to Lakeport, but will be coming back to Redding next school year to teach at the Shasta Bible College on Thursdays.


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