Community donates to fix vandalized BMX track

J&J Pumps donates to restore BMX Track

CITY OF SHASTA LAKE, Calif. - People throughout the Northstate came together Friday to help pay for damages to the Boomtown BMX track in the City of Shasta Lake.

Earlier this week KRCR News Channel 7 brought you the story about the track being vandalized.

Someone had burned down the start hill tower, causing more than a $1,000 in damage.

The start hill tower helps control the start gate for BMX races and light the track.

Over the last few months the track has been vandalized numerous times.

After seeing the story, local business J & J Pumps decided to do something and donate $1,000 to the Boomtown BMX group.

On Friday morning the group received the check.

"BMX is my life. This is my fourth year racing," said 7-year-old Diesel Rollins as he read aloud a thank you note to the company."

"It means a lot to our track love, Diesel Rollins and my friends."

The owner of J & J Pumps, Cyrus Herrara, wanted to donate the money because his kids, now older, once raced at the track.

"We're a family owned business and we love the kids and we just want to see the track get fixed so they can use it again," said employee Scott Kinyon.

Other businesses including JHK Doors, Finish Line Collision and the mayor of the City of Shasta Lake have also stepped up.

"We are just so blessed to be part of this wonderful community," said volunteer track operator Dustie Kenyon.

The group is now working with the City of Shasta Lake to look into extra security to make sure they're not hit by vandals again.

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