Community Raises Funds to Assist Family Displaced By Fire

Community Raises Funds to Assist Family Displaced By Fire

ANDERSON, California - A North State family just received keys to a new home in Paradise after their Anderson home was destroyed by fire.

18-year-old Erin Coyle lived at the Hill Street home with her mother, Rona for five years before the fire broke out on February 10th.

The Coyles said they were shopping down the road when the flames broke out.

Erin said she rushed home and ran inside to rescue some pets, but was burned on her face, arm, and lower back by a back draft when she opened her bedroom door. She was rushed to Mercy Medical Center and was later life flighted to Shriner in Sacramento.

Rona Coyle had the task of figuring out where the family would stay.
The Red Cross put them up in a motel for several days, but then they were on their own.

With help from Wonda, the owner of Junk N' Treasures, the family was given $7,000 dollars in donations from the community.

The Coyles used that money to put a deposit on their new Paradise Home.

Rona Coyle said, "In some respects, I'm really sad to be leaving here because it's a wonderful community, but I just want our family to be back together again."

The Coyles said they cannot thank Wonda and the community enough for their support.

The cause of the fire still remains under investigation.

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