Concow School shuts down from chipped water pipe

CONCOW, Calif. - More than a hundred students got the day off after a pipe burst at the Concow School Monday.

A leak was discovered in the early hours this morning leaving no running water for the school

School officials said they couldn't get it fixed in time for the start of class.

The pipe came from a water facility across the street from the school

Concow School officials said more than 10,000 gallons leaked out of the water tanks over the weekend.
Experts said the frigid temperatures froze the pipe, and part of the pipe snapped off.  The school called all 112 of its students this morning and told them there would be no school today.
Crews found the leak and fixed it later Monday morning.

"When they showed up this morning, they were on it," said Gregory Blake, principal and superintendent of Concow School.  "We have our two maintenance guys there this morning.  They did a great job and got it taken care of.  They called me and then I called the office staff.  Then our staff called our teachers and our students."

The staff spent Monday re-pressurizing the tanks and getting the water flowing once again.

School officials say that classes will be back in session Tuesday morning.

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