Construction worker hit in roadside assault

Construction worker hit in roadside assault

DOUGLAS CITY, Calif. - The Trinity River Office of the California Highway Patrol is looking for the suspect responsible for throwing a ceramic mug at a road construction worker. CHP said the incident happened off of highway 299 near Weaverville Friday at 6:05 am.

CHP said workers were setting up for the summer long construction near Douglas City, when 28-year-old Sharon Johnson, a flagger, was hit in the right side of the face by a ceramic mug.

"This person wasn't even stopped by the traffic control," said Trinity River CHP Officer Jason Ballard. "It just happened to be in the middle as they were establishing the stopped traffic to run a pilot car."

Officer Ballard said Johnson was standing southward towards Highway 3 when she felt something hit the right side of her face, she looked up and she wasn't able to tell if the truck was hauling lumber. Johnson told the officer she never saw the suspect.

"She couldn't identify if it was lumber or logs, so we are following up with Sierra Pacific and some of the other local lumber yards to try to find out who may have been in the area at the time," Ballard said.

Johnson suffered minor injuries. Trinity River CHP is asking for help from the public, if anyone knows anything you are asked to call 530-623-6832.

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