Corning Police: Put on a helmet or pay a fine

CORNING, Calif. - Safety changes are coming to the new Corning skate park.

Now through Nov. 24 skateboarders and cyclists not wearing helmets and elbow-and-knee pads will get a warning.

After Nov. 24, they could end up with a ticket.

The Corning Police Department said they will be patrolling the park as they normally do. The Corning Chief of Police said they are not the only ones that will be keeping an eye out, city officials will also be contacting police if skaters don't comply.

Regular skater, Dakota Gimlin, from Red Bluff, disagrees. "We are gonna do something dumb ,we know the risk we are taking if we fall, it should be on our faults," said Gimlin.

Blake Richards said he has been waiting for a place to skate, and is disappointed that Corning Police Department is enforcing the rules, "The main reason we got it started is because we needed a safe place to skate because we couldn't t afford to get a ticket everyday."

Corning Chief of Police Don Atkins said they are doing it for safety, "For an adult or child especially with the skate park seeing some of the obstacles that they have there, it's very easy if you're not wearing protective gear to have a serious injury."

Skaters said they understand the reason for this change, but argued that it should ultimately be their choice.

"Keep it at 18 cause that's the age of consent for just about everything," said Richards.

Since the Corning skate park opened, two skate related injuries have been reported. According to Corning's fire department, one was  a minor knee injury and the other, a laceration to the head.

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