Cottonwood introduces new life-saving device

Cottonwood introduces new life-saving device

COTTONWOOD, Calif. - A new addition to the Cottonwood Fire Department will be making a big difference when it comes to saving lives.

A chest compression device that when applied can provide consistent chest compressions to a cardiac arrest patient.

The device will be a big asset to the Cottonwood department since it's mostly made up of volunteers. The device is called "Lucas 2". It's been around for a while and but its new to the Cottonwood department.

The machine works better than human doing CPR and according to the department can save more lives.

The Lucas 2 device is put over the patient and it provides consistent chest compressions at a rate of 100 to 102 per minute, at a depth of two inches.

The Cottonwood Fire Protection District is the first agency in Shasta County authorized to use the device.

Cottonwood Fire Chief Eugene Zahara said this device will allow them to focus on other aspects of treatment.

"When the ambulance does transport we can actually extract the patient out of the house with it still intact," said Fire Chief Zahara.

Lucas 2 was fully funded by the Shasta Regional Community Foundation.

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