Council accepts bid for new Redding police station

Council accepts bid for new Redding police station

REDDING, Calif. - A groundbreaking will happen soon on a new police station. A 4-1 vote in favor of accepting the construction bid means the Redding Police Department will finally have a new home.

"I'm really happy, obviously," said Redding Police Chief Robert Paoletti.

At Monday night's special meeting the Redding City Council voted to accept the lowest construction bid, pushing ahead the development plans.

It is something both the chief and the man in charge of development said is a long time coming.

"They are in a facility right now that is in a pretty good state of disrepair," said Assistant Director of Public Works Chuck Aukland. "It was nice to actually put this to bed and get into construction. We've been looking forward for a long time - probably a decade of moving this thing forward."

A new police station will be built. The old building on California Street in Redding has been there since 1948.

Paoletti said it has lived out its life span.

"We need a building that's feasible for a police department that doesn't have all the sewer and leakage and other issues that ours do," he said.

But not everything went so smoothly. A speed bump in the bidding war meant a delay. The winning bid by Randy Hill Construction of Chico had a clerical error. The competition, Larry Mack Construction, wanted a disqualification and petitioned to the council.

Representatives from Larry Mack Construction were not present at Monday's meeting.

"I did expect maybe Larry Mack or others to show up and have a little bit more discussion," Aukland said.

City officials recommended they look past the discrepancy. The council agreed.

"We thought the bid instructions were clear. We thought the law was clear. So we felt pretty confident that this is the right way to go," Aukland said.

The cost is set at more than $5.7 million for the project. Work will begin within a month.

Well worth the wait, Paoletti said.

"It's going to be a big morale booster at the police department. So I'm very, very happy."

The new department is set to be built west of city hall on what is currently a vacant lot. It would reportedly house the patrol and evidence divisions. Investigations and administration will occupy the second floor of city hall, where Redding Electric Utility is currently.

REU will move to a facility near the Redding Airport.

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