County and vinter settle, agree to move forward

REDDING, Calif. -

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors and Reverge Anselmo reached an agreement to settle a dispute that lasted almost five years.

Shasta County Supervisors came out of closed session Friday night where they unanimously approved a deal with the Shingletown area landowner.

Anselmo has agreed to pay $850,000 to reimburse the county in legal fees and $500,000 in fines in the protracted legal fight. That adds up to $1.35 million.

"Was all this necessary through the years, the problems, the conflict and everything else? Could it have been done in a much easier, quicker, less painful way?" asked Anselmo. "Possibly, it's hard to look in the past and go; did we really need all this? We needed a building board of appeals, we've got that. We needed some bad actors to leave the scene, and I think that's happened. And they needed to force me into a place where I'm less like an unsupervised child, you know?"

Both parties agreed to the settlement in which Anselmo and the county will suspend any pending litigation and administrative appeals.

County Executive Officer Larry Lees said in a press release, "It's great to be working together, moving forward in a spirit of cooperation."

Anselmo won't pay the county any money until all inspections are made and his permits are issued.

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