Crash On Highway 32 Due To Icy Roads, Severe Weather

FOREST RANCH, Calif. - Icy conditions contributed to a crash in Butte County Thursday.  A Jeep slid off Highway 32 just east of Forest Ranch.

It happened Thursday around 9 a.m.   At 3,500 feet elevation, roads were icy.

Officers said the driver was steering his Jeep Grand Cherokee around a corner going about 55 MPH around 9 a.m.

When he started to slide on some black ice, he tried to correct the steering but it wasn't enough.

He slid down an embankment hitting a tree. The CHP stopped traffic heading toward Chester while crews were pulling the car up to the road.

The driver and his dog did not face life-threatening injuries.

The CHP said the crash could have been a lot worse if the man didn't hit the tree, which prevented him from sliding even further.

Officers are advising everyone to slow down during the stormy weather.

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