Create your 'Aha Moment' in a national commerical

Create your 'Aha Moment' in a national commerical

REDDING, Calif. - You can be part of a national commercial by sharing a moment in your life that changed your life or influenced you.

The insurance company Mutual of Omaha has started a 9,300 mile, 20-stop tour in Redding. Redding is the only city in California that is part of the tour.

An 'aha moment' is a defining moment. The insurance company said they want to hear from everyday people, saying when they have clarity of purpose, the possibilities are endless.

Inside an airstream trailer parked by the Sundial Bridge Monday, Judy Maxwell shared her story.

"My name is Judy and this is my 'aha moment.'"

The airstream trailer has been converted to a mobile television studio.

Mawell's 'aha moment' was a personal time in her life.

"The birth of my grandchild, my first grandchild and to be there and to watch the miracle of birth was so overwhelming."

Maxwell, who is a Mutual of Omaha insurance agent, was unable to have children so she adopted. When her daughter grew up and Maxwell saw her give birth she was forever touched.

"The miracle of life is truly an 'aha moment.'

These moments have been captured on video across the country.

On Mutual of Omaha's website they show 'aha moments' from people across the country.

Carol Winston from Salem, North Carolina, shared the moment when her father passed away and she realized she didn't want to be working in corporate sales. Winston left corporate sales and did the art she wanted to do.

Maxwell is excited Redding is a chosen 'Aha Moment' stop.

"We got such a great community and so many people here with wonderful stories," she explained.

If you would like to share your moment, the trailer will be parked at the Sundial Bridge tomorrow, May 13 as well.

It's free to stop by and check it out.

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