Crikit is her name and detection is her game

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Red Bluff High School got a visit from Crikit, a 40 pound Labrador Retriever who pops in unannounced from time to time to sniff around on campus for drugs and alcohol.

Crikit is part of the Interquest Detection Canines and has been sniffing out illegal substances for about five years.

Crikit visits different campuses throughout Northern California, and unlike law enforcement dogs who can only recognize four different odors, Crikit can recognize 13.

Red Bluff High school brought her in last year and Dean of Students John Schwabauer said it's an asset for the school.

"To deter kids from bringing stuff that they don't need to bring on campus and the other is to identify these kids that may need some special help," said Schwabauer.

Schwabauer said if something is found, action is quickly taken.

"If we find out they have an ongoing problem and then we will refer them to our counseling department who will look for other services," said Schwabauer.

Crikit shows up unannounced and a classroom is chosen randomly by pulling numbers out of a jar to keep the visits random.

Then Crikit goes to the classrooms, students are asked to go outside while she goes from row to row sniffing backpacks and purses.

Once Crikit is done in the classroom she moves on to the bathroom.

The school said having Crikit on campus is working and students like her presence.

"Most students do not want those types of things on campus and so they are very supportive of it," said Schwabauer.

Red Bluff High School said they will have statistics about Crikit's discoveries at the end of the school year and will compare them to previous years to see if they can identify any trends.

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