Crime increases in Chico with the start of school

CHICO, Calif. - With the start of a new school year for Chico State students, comes a warning from Chico Police about the increase in crime.

The influx of students attracts predators, making many of them the prime targets for burglaries or assaults.

"They are very trusting of everybody and though you need to trust and be friendly and enjoy your time here, you also need to have a level of consciousness of making sure your surroundings are safe," said Chico Police Chief Kirk Trostle.

Chief Trostle is not only speaking as a police chief, but also as a parent.

"Having kids of my own and watching some of their naivety they bring to a new setting concerns me," said Chief Trostle.

Chief Trostle wants the students to get a good education and socially engage, all while feeling safe.

"The unfortunate  thing is that element in our community that wants to do harm," said Chief Trostle.

Chief Trostle has a few tips for students to follow.

"They want to travel in groups and not instigate any fights and they want to walk away from any trouble they perceive. If they are going to go to a party or have one, they need to make sure they know the individuals, and generally speaking they need to be back in their home before midnight because nothing good happens after midnight," said Chief Trostle.

Most students we spoke to said they feel relatively safe because they try to always be aware of their surroundings. They also said that they try to be diligent when it comes to protecting their personal belongings by locking up their homes and cars. In addition, they never travel alone in unsafe areas or when it gets dark outside.

Chico police say that the predators are sometimes other students, gang members or people visiting from out of town.

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