Another smash and grab robbery reported in Chico

Same time, same method as jewelry store heist

Another smash and grab robbery reported in Chico

CHICO, Calif. - A second Chico store was reportedly robbed early Thursday morning. Galaxy Custom Audio-Video on 179 Cohasset Rd. was broken into after someone used a rock to break a window and enter the building.  An $1,800, 60-inch-flat-screen television was stolen.

The store's owner Andrew Stricklan contacted KRCR  after seeing our story on Thursday night when a jewelry store on Mangrove Avenue one mile away was broken into in the same manner at approximately the same time.  That robbery was captured by four video surveillance cameras.  

"I saw the story on Facebook," said Stricklan. " My marketing director reached out to the owner of that business to compare stories."

"It seemed really coincidental to me."

Stricklan said in retrospect he should have put the television in the back of his store so as not to tempt would-be robbers.  The jewelry store had also left its merchandise in plain view on the same early morning it was robbed. The jewelry heist was completed inside of a minute -- and this one appeared to be accomplished in under a minute as well.

Stricklan, who had the television's serial number, said Chico police told him it's possible the television screen will be found at a future crime scene.  

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