Bealer to stand trial for murder

RED BLUFF, Calif. -  

A judge ruled Quentin Bealer will stand trial for the 2013 killing of 14-year-old Marysa Nichols.

Bealer was led, shackled, into a Red Bluff courtroom Thursday afternoon for his preliminary hearing.

A Tehama County judge ruled there was enough evidence to try Bealer for murder following testimony from several law enforcement officers.

According to one officer, the yellow tank top Marysa was wearing to school the day of her death, was the item used to kill her. The officer also testified that Marysa was found with the tank top wrapped around her neck twice, and tied.

That piece of clothing also had blood on it.

Samples of the blood were taken from the shirt and tested by a California Department of Justice criminalist.

The criminalist testified that the results showed the blood belonged to both the victim and Bealer.

"[The Criminalist] discussed obvious certain samples she obtained and later analyzed the results which yielded Quentin Bealer’s DNA mixed with, or along with the victims DNA. She also stated that there was no other foreign DNA that was able to be discerned in her analysis thus far," said Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen.

The DA explained that his case did not hinge solely on DNA evidence.

Cohen referred to a Red Bluff police detective who testified that a recorded phone call from Bealer to his mother, while he was in jail, shows Bealer lied to investigators.

According to the detective in the phone call, Bealer told his mother he met Marysa and gave her a cigarette when he had previously told detectives he never spoke to the teen.

As to why the accused killer was on the Red Bluff High School campus that day.

Bealers attorney said he went there because it was his own daughter's 14th birthday, and he wanted to wish his little girl a happy birthday.

Bealer's arraignment has been set for Monday Feb. 3.

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