Cashier fends off suspect fighting for money in register

REDDING, Calif. - A homeless man tried robbing a series of businesses Friday morning, even managing to get away with a handful of cash before being arrested.

Redding Police said 46-year-old Bradley King shattered the Salvation Army storefront door on Pine Street before heading down the road to do more damage.

King allegedly walked into Lulu's Restaurant just before 7:00 Friday morning and confronted the woman at the register.

"I thought he was going to ask a question and he just reached in here," said Krista Michiels, who was behind the register when King allegedly tried to steal cash.

"I said stop! What are you doing? Get out of here! I'm going to call the cops!" Michiels yelled at the suspect.

Michiels said King grabbed her hands but she was able to get him to leave empty-handed.

Officers said King then went across the street to the Starbucks inside Safeway. Police said King demanded cash while pretending to hold a firearm under his sweatshirt. The cashier told him he couldn't open the cash drawer, so King left.

Officers said King went for a third attempt at taking money when he entered the Safeway gas station, which is located behind the supermarket.

"He ended up going around the counter and physically throwing the cash register to the floor which caused it to pop open. He then grabbed handfuls of cash and exited the convenience store," said Sgt. Shawn McGinnis.

"Seeing him coming out of the store with the bills in his hand he threw the bills in the air," said McGinnis.

That's when officers were able to arrest King on charges of robbery, two counts of attempted robbery and burglary. Police said they also found a needle used for drugs on King.

"He told us he was very desperate to supply a very expensive methamphetamine habit," said McGinnis.

Michiels was just relieved King was taken into custody.

"I'm glad that they caught him," she said.

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