Charges Dismissed Against Suspect Charged with Murder of Missing Teen from McCloud

YREKA, Calif. - After charging him with the murder of Hannah Zaccaglini, the teen who disappeared from McCloud in 1997, District Attorney Kirk Andrus dismissed all charges against Ed Henline, Sr.

Henline was charged with the murder on Nov. 19, 2012, following years of investigation by the Siskiyou County Sheriff.

"This is an extremely difficult decision," Andrus said. "Each of us on the law enforcement side understands the impact this crime continues to have on our communities, and especially in McCloud."

The Siskiyou County District Attorney's Office released a statement saying that they did not have enough evidence to link Henline to Zaccaglini's death to hold him.

Zaccaglini's body was never found and no direct evidence is known to link anyone to her death.

Henline is still considered a person of interest in the Zaccaglini case as well as the disappearance and suspected murder of Karin Mero Knechtel, who disappeared in spring of 1997.

Andrus said that he believes there are still people out there with "vital information" who have not come forward.

"This could make all the difference in bringing justice to these two families," Andrus said.

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