Chico Police: Man arrested for elder abuse, embezzlement

CHICO, Calif. - A man was arrested for elder abuse on Tuesday after he allegedly embezzled more than $80,000 from a resident at the Oakmont Retirement Home in Chico, stated the Chico Police Department.

According officers, the Butte County Adult Protective Services (APS) received notification in September of 2014 from a mandated reporter that Jeffery McClure may have stolen over $88,000 dollars from a 91-year-old Oakmont resident.

Family members of the victim also reached out to the CPD Patrol Division, officials added. Initial reports indicated that McClure worked as a personal banker for a local bank. After repeated meetings, the elderly victim came to trust McClure with money that she and her now deceased husband saved in anticipation of her long term needs.

The CPD Detective Bureau picked up the case. The victim's banking records and transaction history were obtained, along with other evidence. Detectives were able to establish that McClure gained the victim's trust by repeatedly visiting her at the Oakmont Retirement Home where she resided.

The victim may have also suffered from an age related cognitive condition that inhibited her ability to defend herself financially, stated officials. McClure utilized undue influence, and prompted the victim to authorize her personal checks with her signature before turning them over to him.

McClure would have the victim leave both the pay to the order of, and the dollar amount blank. McClure would then forge his own name, and the dollar amounts of his choice onto the checks before depositing them into his own account, explained officials.

McClure repeated the process dozens of times over almost two year before his crimes were noticed and reported to APS, said authorities. They added, in total, it was established that McClure stole over $88,000 from the victim.

On February 3, CPD Detectives obtained a warrant for McClure's arrest. Detectives took McClure into custody on February 10. McClure was booked for forgery, identity theft, embezzlement, and elder abuse. A bail amount of $250,000 was set.

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