Chief calls string of Red Bluff fires suspicious

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Five fires in Red Bluff over the span of a week left one home with a melted fence and a few other houses slightly singed.

The string of fires began Sunday with a brush fire behind Sacred Heart Elementary School and Church.

This vegetation fire was not the only one in the area. Four separate fires were reported in the same area. One fire went up a hill and alarmed neighbors.

"I came out here from inside the house and there were fire trucks everywhere. I grabbed our important papers and things and threw them in the car and figured we are out of here," said Charlene Gleason, a resident near the fire.

Matthew Shobash, the interim Red Bluff fire chief, said the cause of the fire is under investigation.

He also said these vegetation fires can be dangerous but he wants people to know they also can be prevented.

"I'd like to remind everyone to maintain their defensible spaces, clean out their gutters if there are leaves in there and limb up their trees. Help us do our job in keeping the public safe," Shobash said.

Neighbors said transients were camping near the area and authorities are looking more into these reports.

Anyone with information about these fires is advised to contact the Red Bluff Fire Department.

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